Global Income

Columbus Macro Global Income is a balanced, growth and income strategy focused on gaining flexible exposure to the major global income-generating asset classes.  The strategy seeks to provide current income and long-term capital appreciation with active risk management to actively navigate the complexity of a low interest rate world.

Yield is sourced from a variety of instruments including exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds as well as individual U.S.-listed stocks.  A robust process is employed for selecting dividend-paying U.S. stocks that meet rigorous, industry-specific earnings quality metrics for balance sheet strength and operating efficiency.   This analysis is aimed at gauging the sustainability of dividend income streams.  Market risk and interest rate sensitivity are also carefully assessed as part of an active risk management framework.  Equity and credit risk can be increased or decreased in response to changing market environments. Given the active nature of this approach, the strategy does not target a specific yield but rather seeks to source income in a disciplined manner.

There is no guarantee that any strategy will be successful in reaching its objectives, please consult disclosures for additional Information.