At Columbus Macro, we are top-down or “big picture” investors, prioritizing asset allocation.  Our macro-oriented approach is consistent with academic research indicating that principal inefficiencies and mispricings occur at the asset class level  (Brinson, Hood, Beebower,1986).  

We are rigorous in our approach

Our portfolio construction framework includes a process to systematically evaluate information in a repeatable way that can be consistently implemented.  We pair sophisticated asset allocation techniques similar to those employed by large university and organizational endowments with our own proprietary models and risk management system.  Finally, our team continually seeks ways to improve our investment process and understanding of the world via ongoing original research and expert discourse.

We are global, dynamic asset allocators with a long-term focus

Our asset allocation strategies are aimed at helping clients achieve their long-term objectives through capital appreciation and risk management.  In our opinion, active asset allocation offers investors the best of both worlds by seeking to enhance long-term strategic allocations through disciplined adjustments.   

Firstly, we embrace the potential compounding benefits of a broadly-diversified, tax-efficient global portfolio built for long-term market cycles.  Our top-down, integrated approach to building portfolios utilizes both traditional and alternative investments to diversify by geography, size, sector, quality, strategy, risk factor, theme, and instrument. 

As opposed to static or set-it-and-forget-it asset allocations, our strategies seek to adapt to new information and changing expectations.  We monitor the global investment landscape for fluctuating valuations between asset classes and shifting market environments.  When certain defined criteria are met, we make active asset allocation adjustments as needed.

Investment Process