Dynamic Global Portfolios

Columbus Macro Dynamic Global Portfolios are professionally managed total portfolio solutions that combine a globally-diversified strategic core with  targeted use of tactical satellite strategies.  In our opinion, active asset allocation offers investors the best of both worlds by seeking to enhance long-term strategic allocations through disciplined adjustments.  Our systematic investment process considers the ongoing influence of key macro factors on asset class returns, volatilities, and correlations.  These influences span multiple time frames.

Unlike static, fixed allocation mix strategies,our diversified strategic core weights are adjusted based on changes in fundamental valuation for each asset class (longer-term) and the state of the economy/corporate profits (intermediate term). Core rebalancing decisions consider the materiality of changes versus trading and tax considerations.  A satellite portfolio is also used to gauge investor sentiment (shorter term) and determine when it is appropriate to broadly emphasize offense (pursue opportunities) or defense (provide protection).  This component enables more granular implementation of themes at the sector, industry, or country levels.  Active satellite allocations are designed to complement long-term strategic core positions and seek to enhance risk management capabilities during down-trending markets. 

Dynamic Global Portfolios cover five risk objectives ranging from conservative to aggressive with each profile also available in a format for tax-aware investors. Traditional and alternative asset classes are used.  Since correlation between asset classes often increases during crises, we also engage in robust stress-testing, formulating extreme downside risk targets for each client objective.  Portfolio construction is accomplished via tax- and cost-efficient exchange traded funds (ETFs) along with rigorously screened mutual funds that are used to gain specialized portfolio exposures.  Once implemented, overall core and satellite asset class holdings, as well as their interactions, are actively monitored to ensure portfolios remain consistent with clients' risk and return preferences.

There is no guarantee that any strategy will be successful in reaching its objectives, please consult disclosures for additional Information.