Investment Process

1) Combines quantitative models with human analysis

2) Evaluates assets through three key lenses:

      • Fundamental analysis
      • Market analysis
      • Macroeconomic analysis

Advanced systems engineering and data science are needed to effectively capture and analyze large quantities of information from sources around the world.  We incorporate numerous rich data sets into a wide range of proprietary models and non-proprietary indicators to quantitatively evaluate both individual companies as well as macro conditions.  These quantitative tools provide our portfolio managers with a systematic, repeatable framework for analysis. 

But models and screens must be supplemented by expert qualitative analysis and judgment.  Qualitative interpretations are critical for contextualizing industry trends, the quality of a company’s earnings, monetary/fiscal policies, recession risks, country-specific election dynamics, and geopolitical events – to name just a few. 

Quantitative tools and human analysis are then combined to evaluate assets through three key research disciplines: