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Dividend-paying firms have outperformed non-dividend paying companies over long-time periods while also helping to dampen volatility and offset inflation.  But diversification is very important when it comes to making equity income a key component of portfolios. 

That’s why we have designed a suite of separately managed account strategies that span all three major styles of dividend investing:

DIVIDEND VALUE: dividend-paying stocks that are fundamentally mispriced

    DIVIDEND GROWTH: companies that consistently grow their dividend

    HIGH DIVIDEND INCOME: high-yielding stocks with certain fundamental criteria

    DIVIDEND VALUE:  Columbus Macro Global Income is a balanced, growth & income strategy designed to gain flexible exposure to the major global income-generating asset classes. Portfolio allocation exposures can range between 50-70% equity and 30-50% fixed income based on the manager's view of market conditions. The portfolio typically holds 25-35 individual common stocks and 5-10 fixed income ETFs. A robust process is employed for selecting U.S. stocks and ADRs yielding at least 50% more than the S&P 500 average that meet rigorous, industry-specific earnings quality metrics for balance sheet strength and operating efficiency to support their ability to sustain dividend payments. The investment equity universe includes companies within the Russell 3000 Index plus 300 listed ADRs (American Depositary Receipts).

    DIVIDEND VALUE: Columbus Macro Small Cap Dividend invests in profitable small cap companies exhibiting positive price momentum coupled with compelling fundamentals which support their ability to sustain dividend payments. We use a quantitative portfolio selection process that relies on a rigorous fundamental and valuation analysis that includes sector and industry-specific peer comparisons. The portfolio typically holds 30-50 individual common stocks that are approximately equally weighted at the time of purchase. 

    DIVIDEND GROWTH: Columbus Macro Dividend Select invests in high quality companies with a track record of consistently paying and growing dividends. We use a quantitative portfolio selection process which examines dividend payment history and analyzes balance sheets and income statements. The portfolio typically holds 25-35 individual common stocks that are approximately equally weighted at the time of purchase. The investment universe includes those companies within the S&P 500 Index that have consistently paid dividends for 25+ years or have at least 5+ years of increasing dividend payments. 

    HIGH DIVIDEND INCOME: Columbus Macro Alternative High-Yield invests across alternative asset classes and strategies to generate high levels of current income and a secondary goal of long-term capital appreciation. We use macro variables to evaluate how economic cycles may impact income producing assets. The portfolio typically holds 10-20 positions which may include common stocks and ETFs. Investment categories considered include publicly traded REITs, BDCs, MLP funds, and High Yield Credit. The investment universe comes from daily liquid alternative investments that do not require a subscription agreement or K-1 tax reporting. 

    There is no guarantee that any strategy will be successful in reaching its objectives, please consult disclosures for additional Information.