Columbus Macro Global Multi-Asset

COLUMBUS MACRO GLOBAL MULTI-ASSET (Tactical 60/40) is a balanced global strategy that starts with a neutral 60% stock / 40% bond allocation but can actively tilt based on the manager's macro outlook. The strategy exercises tactical, “go-anywhere” discretion to seek alpha across the global equity, bond, and commodity opportunity sets. The thematic strategy targets assets that are demonstrating intermediate-term, volatility-adjusted price leadership and aligned with our macro views.  The manager can flexibly invest in any market cap, style, sector/industry, country/region, or duration/credit as well as hard assets. The diversified portfolio typically utilizes 15-30 liquid exchange traded funds (ETFs) but avoids those that issue a K-1 to investors.  The strategy can be paired with strategic solutions such as the Columbus Macro Global Balanced Core strategy to further enhance diversification. 


Strategic 60/40

Tactical 60/40

Tactical Fixed Income

Allocation Series 20-100

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