Columbus Macro Global Tactical Bond

COLUMBUS MACRO TACTICAL BOND (Tactical Fixed Income) seeks to generate alpha and manage interest rate risk through active selection of fixed income exchange traded funds (ETFs). The manager employs a flexible duration, go-anywhere policy to seek global opportunities across fixed income sub-sectors including sovereign, agency, corporate, high yield, and inflation-protected bonds.  The strategy typically holds 10-20 ETFs that reflect our team’s favorite fixed income themes and ideas based on macro, technical, and valuation research.  The manager can adjust the portfolio’s sensitivity to interest rates and credit spreads as well as implement active overweight and underweight decisions within global fixed income segments.  The strategy can be paired with strategic bond holdings to complete a well-diversified core fixed income portfolio. 


Strategic 60/40

Tactical 60/40

Tactical Fixed Income

Allocation Series 20-100

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